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Classroom Educators

Sessions specially designed with strategies and lesson supports.

Integrate the Arts into Your Classroom

Classroom educators need practical examples for arts integration and STEAM that support collaboration and recognize scheduling constraints and accountability concerns.  These sessions are specially created with your unique needs in mind.

Arts Educators

These sessions share how you can support integration while focusing on critical artistic skills.

Showcase Your Craft

Arts Integration and STEAM cannot happen without dedicated arts time to focus on skills and processes. These sessions share ideas for highlighting natural areas for integration with your art form, collaborating with others, as well as how to use integration without sacrificing your arts content.


Presentations designed to help you lift and keep Arts Integration/STEAM efforts off the ground.

Supporting an Arts Integration/STEAM Effort

Getting and keeping arts integration and STEAM efforts alive is tough. These sessions provide you with examples from other schools who are making huge strides and offer specific ideas that WORK. Don’t reinvent the wheel – leverage the lessons others have learned!

2016 Winter Conference Sessions

New sessions (15+) being added regularly – check back often!

Do you feel like all of the time for creativity and the arts have been wiped out of the school day? Join arts integration specialist and EducationCloset founder Susan Riley as she shows you how to bring BACK creativity, reclaim the arts and still get through all of your curriculum.

Session time: 15 minutes  artsclassroom

Teaching STEAM can excite, accentuate, and enrich your curriculum. How much better would the “A” component work if you used Authentic Arts Integration (AAI)? Co-teaching your STEM unit with a certified Arts teacher to make a lesson that is really STEAM powered! AAI requires us to make the leap and truly attach the curriculums so that one unit fulfills the needs of both subjects. Give Art the power to make your STEAM units reach the next dimension of STEAM education.

leadershipclassroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

It’s time to banish boredom and compliance from our classrooms! Students are immersed in a multi-faceted and fast paced world where gaining their attention and keeping them engaged can be tough . So, how do we do it?… Dynamic instruction that captivates and challenges their brains! Are YOU ready?

leadershipclassroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

Do you always use traditional methods to teach students who struggle with sight words, writing or math? Use art to help them learn in new, creative, developmentally appropriate ways! It is easy to integrate art with elementary subjects to help all students learn or review important concepts. This session will show you lots of different, easy art integration ideas for art and classroom teachers to help students learn and retain more through art!

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

What do STEAM, TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior), and Marzano’s Teaching Model of Instruction have in common? No this is not a trick question, and the answers might surprise you. This year I took on the exciting challenge of transitioning to a choice based environment. There were two things that worried me. The first, I didn’t want to lose the STEAM I had grown to love. The second, I needed to make sure I could make this creative freedom work within the Marzano framework. I didn’t need to just think outside the box, I needed to think in different boxes. This session documents the success that can be found within the confines of our school systems, to create the ideal environment to spark students curiosity and nurture their creativity.

artsSession time: 15 minutes

How can you build your Professional Learning Network into a Positive Learning Network? Using the story of #EdBeat and “CelebrateMonday,” Natalie Krayenvenger and Sean Gaillard will share the story of their collaboration with #EdBeat. The intent is to inspire other educators to join in the conversation of building a Professional Learning Network with tools such a Spotify and Canva. Furthermore, the premise of using music as an invitational hook to build a Positive/Professional Learning Network will be explored.

leadershipclassroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Let’s connect literacy, art, & technology! In this session, attendees will be introduced to ways to encourage expression of student voice through multimodal forms of literacy and uses of technology. With the creation of digital projects, students can communicate stories of connection, thought, and emotion. Attendees will discover ways to aesthetically and artistically use digital platforms to explore and create with students through innovative instructional practices and integrated technology. Specific examples of digital literacy art forms will be offered and tech tools and apps for creation and inspiration will be demonstrated. Participants will be directed to explore and try out all technologies digitally throughout the session. Nearpod will be used in coordination with the videocast to offer an example of an asynchronous innovative teaching practice. Participants will leave with ready-to-use ideas for instruction and with ways to encourage the individual voice of each student in the classroom. Overall, attendees will be given tools to create a plan to “design meaningful learning experiences” through a connection of literacy, art, and technology. Join for an inspiring and innovative session that will help to connect thought to creation through digital art forms and literacies.

leadershipclassroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

This session will present a sample Arts Integration lesson blending history, technology and media arts. Working in pairs, students utilize a meme generator while creating visual memes detailing and sequencing important events/concepts selected from a text. Presented by an arts integration specialist and arts integration coach working in Des Moine, IA schools selected for the Turnaround Arts Initiative.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

A presentation of the set up for a choice-based blended classroom using different student learning management platforms, including Haiku and Blendspace. Learn how the students individual program is set up and tracked on Google Forms. You will see how the assessments for the individual projects are evaluated and different ways the student’s works can be presented in the school and in the greater community through Artsonia, Instagram, Twitter, and Aurasma. Finally, see how you can create a unique event to present a platform for your art students to verbally present their individual voices and body of work to an audience. You will learn how students are approaching the art studio in a new way that creates deeper connections to the work and how students are thinking, planning, and researching outside the traditional school day with intrinsic motivation.

artsSession time: 25 minutes

The exciting world of hip-hop songwriting can be a hook for engaging students in the writing pocess. In this workshop, learn to help students deepen their understanding of other content areas by writing hip-hop songs using graphic organizers and creative techniques while addressing both sets of standards.

classroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

This workshop will show you how your students can use the powerful communication tool that is visual art to raise awareness in the community and get people to take action – altering human impact on the environment. I will include real life activities and events that my students have planned and executed for you and your students to replicate in your own community. Learn how to teach students, through art, how to use the knowledge they have gained through the Next Generation Science Standards to impact the world around them and make a difference.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Whether you have one iPad or a class set, there are so many wonderful ideas for using apps to extend lessons and integrate the arts. We’ll be sharing various apps and how to combine them for practical use in the classroom.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Join Elizabeth Peterson of The Inspired Classroom in a session about how to incorporate the idea of Studio Days into your classroom. When you allow for studio time in your classroom, no matter what you teach, you are emphasizing the creative process and therefore, reinforcing students’ individual learning processes. Elizabeth with give examples of Studio Days where students Create, Reflect and Discover more about a variety of art forms as well as more about themselves as learners.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

In the fall of 2012, the IAA began a new model of teaching in grades 2 through 5. Each grade level teacher works intensively with an arts specialist for a period of four weeks. This gives our students an opportunity to immerse themselves in visual arts, drama, music, and dance, while delving deeper into academic content. Classroom teachers and arts specialists collaborate, create, and implement an integrated arts unit to which the educators bring their specific expertise. At IAA we engage students in a creative process to make learning dynamic. We encourage and support our students to take risks to build arts skills and confidence. In turn, self-esteem grows and our students develop a solid foundation for and interest in life-long learning. This session will outline the process of coteaching and provide practical advice to implement into your instructional practice.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

One of the best ways to engage students is to give them a tool that they want to use at home. Stop Motion is one of those lessons that will have your students sharing about their adventures creating beyond your classroom walls. In this session I will show you several ways to implement Stop Motion Animation into your classroom. You will learn ways to set-up your classroom for success, easy to come by equipment, and some tips on how to teach the free app Stop Motion Studio.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Are you looking for people who ‘get you’? Do you seek others who have the same passion and drive for teaching in your subject? Do you need to refresh, or reenergize yourself in your profession? Social Media might be the perfect solution for you. I would like to show you how using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, and Pinterest could help you find the inspiration you are looking for. Social media is where you can find your PLN, a professional team, a tribe… Learn how to use social media for professional connections and inspiration.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Designed for the teacher and administrator audience, this presentation covers an introduction to the first year implementation of an arts integration initiative. By using a Creative Pedagogical framework (Teaching for creativity, creative teaching, and creative learning) which incorporates learning with and through the arts, Spring Ridge Elementary is moving full STEAM ahead as we ignite passion and creativity in students and teachers.
Participants will be immersed in a variety of stakeholder perspectives including administrators, teachers (classroom, math specialist, ELL, Advanced Academics and STEM), students and parents. The session will provide the opportunity to learn how Arts Integration has been implemented at the elementary level and encourage other professionals to research and investigate further the ARTS Integration best practices in order to consider this approach for their own populations.
Participants will leave the presentation with an understanding of the professional development, scheduling, leadership, resources, and collaborative support necessary to begin implementation of an instructional strategy in which the arts are used as the methodology and process for learning.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

What do you do with academically gifted and advanced level students who are above grade level benchmarks before they even arrive at your classroom? This session will focus on research-based strategies that help these students grow and flourish through Project Based Learning and Arts Integration.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

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