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2015 Summer STEAM & Arts Integration Online Conference

Attend LIVE: July 23, 2015 from 10AM-4PM EST | Watch On-Demand: Anytime between July 23, 2015 and July 23, 2016

Need PD hours?  All registrants receive a certificate for 8 hours.

The only online Arts Integration & STEAM Conference.

When was the last time you attended a conference?  If you could find the money for registration, hotel, and travel – not to mention the time away from your life – you probably were a bit disappointed.  All those hoops for 3-4 good sessions.  Then it’s back to real life.

That’s where the Connectivity Online Arts Integration and STEAM Conference is different.  Not only is it more cost effective (just $99!), it’s also totally convenient to your schedule.  Attend live or watch every session on-demand.  And every session is 100% actionable in your classroom.  All surrounding one of the hottest topics in education: Arts Integration and STEAM.

It’s time PD caught up with the rest of us.  Save your seat and join thousands of other educators at this summer’s STEAMiest online conference event!

arts integration conference 2015
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“If you are looking for fresh, exciting ideas to use in your lesson plans; support for all the time you dedicate to teaching the arts; motivation to continue giving 110%; tools to use and purchase, this is a definite priority for interesting, engaging professional development. Am looking forward to the next conference!!” – LYNNE R.

Why You Have to Join Us This Summer…

This is the only online conference dedicated solely to empowering educators to use the arts integration and STEAM approach.
Each of our 15+ presentations are hand-picked and highly-actionable for immediate use. No fluff – just completely practical.
Login from anywhere with an internet connection: desktop, laptop or mobile devices all work. One simple click on a link and you can access everything.
Just like any live conference, we have an exciting virtual exhibitor hall where you can sample products, speak with vendors, and grab some great discounts!
The first 500 registrants all receive our coveted TinkerKits in the mail about 1 week prior to the conference. All other registrants receive a virtual version online!
All conference attendees receive a PD certificate for 8 hours of participation. This includes both live and on-demand attendees.
Save Your Seat

How the Conference Works…

Participating in an online conference is easy, meaningful – and fun!  You’ll get access to every single session, handout, exhibitor booth at your convenience.  You can attend LIVE on July 23rd using a single login-link sent to your email.  Or, you can watch the entire conference at a time that is easier on your schedule in our exclusive, password-protected archive site.You have access to everything for a full year, so if you can’t make it on the day of the conference – you’re covered.  You are just 4 steps away from an exciting arts integration and STEAM conference experience!

Some Words from Previous Attendees

The Connectivity Arts Integration and STEAM Conference is how folks are going to attend conferences for education. The future is now – get on board…sign up early to get the swag from the awesome vendors!
Don K.
My first experience with an online conference and it was by far the best day ever! I enjoyed it so much that I will be registering at the next conference in July! Very informative and enjoyable!
Leslie Q.
This was my second Connectivity conference, and both have given me tons of ideas to implement right away in my own classroom, and to share with my colleagues. It has been a great way to supplement my PD hours with high-quality and truly arts-focused information. Absolutely worth the time!
Jean G.
This conference leaves you energized with ideas to run with right away as well as many things to explore and develop, feeding your passion as a life’s-long learner.
Laura G.
I enjoyed the conference. I picked up some new information and additional ideas for lesson integration.
Valerie M.
Very engaging conference day for this STEAM newbie!
Claire M.

What Makes This Conference Different?


This conference is rich in meaningful sessions and dialogue focused on the arts.  From connecting to Common Core, to Student Growth, to hands-on strategy and tech sessions, everything is provided through the artistic lens.


100% online with access to every session, handout, exhibit booth and digital download for a FULL YEAR after the day of the event.  So if you can’t make it live that day, you can still participate on your own time.  How convenient!


No more expensive travel costs or time wasted away from family.  You gain access to this entire conference experience for just $99.  And we accept School PO’s, credit cards and checks with a single registration system to make registering as quick and easy as possible.

Tour the Experience


Ever feel like you’re the only one who is trying an arts-integrated approach in your school or district?  You’re not alone! There are thousands of other educators out there just like you and this conference helps us all to connect and learn from each other.  This online conference features:

  • 15-30 minute arts-integration and STEAM-focused conference sessions
  • Physical and digital TinkerKits with exclusive discounts, coupons and resources
  • ALL materials (downloadables, videos, lessons, etc) available in an on-demand archive site for a full year after the event – access anytime!
  • Virtual Exhibitor Booths with opportunities to connect with products and services that support arts integration and STEAM.
  • private online community to allow you to take what you’ve learned and continue to network and share with others who understand and support integration.
steam conference 2015
on demand conference access


One of the many reasons our participants sign up year after year for this conference is the flexibility it offers to their schedules.  Each registrant receives access to the live conference day, as well as access to the on-demand archive site for one full year.  What does that mean for you?

  • Attend the conference live that day OR access it on-demand when it’s convenient for you
  • The ability to ask questions and connect with educators throughout the school year
  • The opportunity to sample and work with innovative companies looking to support classrooms, schools and districts like yours.
  • Exclusive discounts or coupons in our digital Tinkerkits that can be accessed at any time


What’s a conference without some incredible giveaways?  This year, with the support of our sponsors, we are excited to provide our conference registrants with a chance to win some truly amazing gifts.  Check out just some of our giveaways:

  • Google Chromebook
  • Full-size classroom art sets
  • Boogie Boards
  • Kindle Fires
  • Gift cards to some of your favorite supply stores

Plus, ALL conference attendees will receive a digital version of our famous TinkerKits, with discounts, samples and coupons!

amazing giveaways
online steam community


As part of registration, all participants receive access to a private Google+ community so that they can continue to network with each other and share ideas.  You’ll also be able to connect with our partners so that they can serve as a mentor/coach when challenges arise.


Take a look at what sessions you’ll have access to this summer.  Keep checking back – we’re adding new ones frequently!

(Click the + sign to view session details)

Arts Integration and STEAM is often seen as intimidating or hard.  It doesn’t have to be!  Join founder and Arts Integration Specialist, Susan Riley, as she shows you 5 practical ways to integrate the arts and “Keep It Simple, Silly”.

Session time: 15 minutes  artsclassroom

So you know how to “pin” art ed ideas, but then what do you do with them? Learn how to streamline your classroom with a virtual filing cabinet- PINTEREST! It’s the technology component that ties everything together. From lesson plans to classroom decor to behavior management and much more, it’s all right there!

artsSession time: 15 minutes

The art of dance allows you to literally embody STEM concepts.  Whether you are a trained professional or wall-flower, you can do this Pre-K through 12!  Join Elizabeth Peterson as she shares some ways she has used dance and movement to introduce vocabulary, teach scientific processes and assess science and math concepts.  She will share lessons and activities to use and adapt in your own rooms and we will see videos of students moving and dancing their way through STEAM!

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

This session from popular presenter Beth Elliston will focus on integrating science into art using the scientific method to explore the difference between colors in art/pigments and color in science/light.This presentation shares a learning experience that takes students deep into cognitively complex tasks involving hypothesis and a student centered setting using strategic grouping as a support system for lower expectancy students.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Join principal Bobby Riley and Arts Coach Judy Kilma as they share the efforts of an entire school community to transform their school into an integrated arts academy.

leadershipclassroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

An interdisciplinary lesson in collaboration with 6th grade language arts teacher Jessica Beerman.Discover how 6th grade students wrote and illustrated amazing stories! This session will show you how to replicate the incredible results in your own classroom.

classroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

Are you familiar with Artsonia- the world’s largest student art gallery? Did you know that it is more than just a gallery? It is another great technology piece for every art room. You can send parent newsletters, have students write artist statements, provide a platform for community connections and conversations, and even earn fundraising money! Join the Artsonia movement today!arts

Session time: 15 minutes

Different arts integration strategies, through modeling, to help your students to better understand the mood, the setting, or the theme of literature selections. Students from elementary through high school will love these hands on and interactive activities. Your students will cite details from the story as they use their bodies and instruments to help their audience better understand the text.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

In this session, you’ll learn how to facilitate the use of “math goggles” to discover and discuss mathematics in artwork. You’ll explore the works of famous modern artists such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Georgia O’Keeffe through a mathematical lens, and learn how using these arts integration strategies can lead to a deeper understanding of both visual art and math. 

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Are you looking for easy and creative ideas for your best classroom ever?
In this session, international design consultant and classroom teacher, Erin Klein, will share creative ways you can organize your classroom and create unique spaces, all in the service of helping children learn.  She will also share ways to embed technology within the curriculum to enhance current instructional practices and increase active engagement, while differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.  Hear about the fundamental elements of creating a space that is developmentally appropriate, personalized, and brain-friendly for today’s learners.

classroomartsSession time: 25 minutes

 A hands-on science lesson that explores frequency, amplitude and pitch while learning to make, play and tune thumb pianos. This program is geared toward 6th grade math, science and music standards in Maryland, however Tim shows how to modify it for other grades. Provided by popular teaching artist, world traveler and musician Tim Gregory of Nada Brahma Productions.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Have you heard that, “Everything in math is a pattern,” but never really understood why? Learn how to find the pattern concepts in the Common Core Math Practices and to teach these mathematical habits of mind through arts integration. Discover how patterns form the building blocks of mathematics, music and dance. And explore ways to help students move past rote memorization and develop conceptual and creative thinking in mathematics. Join Marcia Daft, national teaching artist for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, for this fascinating exploration!

classroomSession time: 25 minutes

 In this session, we will discuss how project based learning can serve as a means for integrating the arts into the classroom. We will explore the inquiry-based learning process and how it aligns with artistic processes, as well as contexts for how and when the arts can be integrated into project based learning with integrity.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

 Participants will follow the choreographic process examining how curriculum in the various content areas can be inspiration for creating movement. Geared specifically for educators (arts and general) at the elementary level.

classroomartsSession time: 15 minutes

Step into the world of make-believe to scaffold and guide young children in their learning. Learn how to create an imaginary elsewhere where children become protagonists and explore the world around them as they solve problems, express emotions, collaborate, engage in dialogue and socialization and develop critical thinking skills. Victoria Brown will introduce innovative methodology for young children that uses story dramatization as guided dramatic play to enhance learning.

leadershipclassroomartsSession time: 15 minutes



So…how much does this all cost?  This entire experience is just $85 until May 15 – and then it moves to $99.  Take a look at how that compares to a “traditional” conference event:



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