Matt & Laura


SESSION TITLE: Minecraft & Design Thinking: an Inspired Pair

SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Combine Design Thinking, Minecraft and Legos to explore problem solving using the Design Thinking process, then build and test prototypes. We will share the basics of design thinking and how to fuse this process with the creative mode of Minecraft (PE for iPad). Participants should be amped up to use innovative thinking and STEAM techniques with Minecraft.

PRESENTER BIOS: Laura and Matt Grundler are art educators from Plano, Texas. They are also proud parents, bloggers and founders of the popular Twitter Chat #K12ArtChat. After teaching middle school art, high school art and working as an assistant principal, Laura has moved into the role of district Visual Arts Coordinator. Matt started out as a graphic designer; however after finding the commercial side of design to be unsatisfying, he soon found his niche as a K-5 Art teacher. Both Laura and Matt are passionate about raising their three creative kids, sharing their love of art education with their professional learning network and continuing to grow everyday.