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All of these sessions are included as part of your registration, and all are focused on K-12 Arts Integration and STEAM.  Live Sessions will be streamed on our live platform on July 21, 2016 from 10AM-4PM ET.  Breakout sessions are available to you anytime in our password-protected archive site starting on July 21.  Every session and handout (live and breakout) will be archived in our on-demand site for a full year starting on July 21, so you can go back and watch/re-watch at any time.


TIME: 10:10-10:25

Presenter: Rich Stachon

Session Title: 3D Printing/Scanning: Let’s Create!

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Explore the world of 3D Printing/Scanning through the lens of an art educator. Learn what supplies and applications are needed to utilize the powers of 3D Printing/Scanning within your environment. Discover how you can integrate this transformative technology into any existing curriculum.

TIME: 10:25-10:40

Presenter: Elizabeth Peterson

Session Title: Creating Arts Integrated Lesson Plans

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Join arts integration specialist, Elizabeth Peterson as she takes you through the steps in how to create an effective arts integration lesson plan.   Ideas and enthusiasm are necessary to integrate content areas, but thinking through the structure is important too!  From conception to implementation, with a focus on standards and assessment, she will walk you through the process seamlessly and even give you some concrete examples along the way, including ways to integrate science, ELA and history with dance, music and drama. 

TIME: 10:40-11:05

Presenter: Katie Wardrobe

Session Title: Engaging Sound Stories for All Subjects

Session Length: 25 minutes

Session Description: Digital sound stories are a fantastic way for students to demonstrate learning in almost any subject area (literacy, maths, geography, art, drama, science) by combining recorded narration, images, sound effects and maybe even a little music. During this session, we’ll look at how to craft a story based on 3-4 images, collect and record sound effects and make some background mood music (no musical experience required!).  We’ll then engage in some “app smashing” by using 2 or 3 apps to create our finished product. Discover tips for recording in a noisy classroom and learn about microphone options to suit a range of budget levels.  This is an effective group project that works well with a range of age-groups.

TIME: 11:35-11:50

Presenter: Dyan Branstetter

Session Title: The Art of Mathematics

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Are you looking to add more of the M in STEAM? This session will share ideas for integrating the Arts and project based learning into the elementary math classroom to make it more engaging and accessible for students. It will also address growth mindset, how to help students embrace the “struggle” to help them solve open-ended problems, and how to work around the constraints of a strict pacing guide. The strategies and ideas that will be presented are applicable to other subject areas as well.

TIME: 11:50-12:05

Presenter: Arlene Shelton

Session Title: STEAM Studio: A Creative Space for Integration

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: My session will consist of a tour of my 9th grade campus’ STEAM Studio along with an overview of my approach to integration. This innovative approach integrates curriculum so that students flourish by designing and creating authentic products while meeting the needs of diverse learners. Our STEAM Studio houses a multitude of workplace technologies and devices for students to gain valuable experiences with the assistance of teachers and an instructional aide. Virtually visit our integrated science lab, wood shop, fabrication studio, computer lab, and art studio all molded into one space to support and enrich creativity and innovation. See what students can do with 3D printers, laser engraver, embroidery machine, robotics and so much more!

TIME: 12:45-1:00

Presenter: Elle Luna

Session Type: Keynote

Session Title: The Crossroads of Should and Must

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Have you ever asked yourself the question “How can I find and follow my true calling?” That moment is what Elle calls “standing at the crossroads of Should and Must.” “Should” is what we feel we ought to be doing, or what is expected of us. “Must” is the thing we dream of doing, our heart’s desire. And it was her own personal journey that inspired Elle to share her story which, in a few short months, has touched hundreds of thousands of people who’ve read it or heard Elle speak on her new book: The Crossroads of Should and Must.

Starting out or starting over, making a career change or making a life change, the most life affirming thing you can do is to honor the voice inside that says you have something special to give, and then heed the call and act. Many have traveled this road before. Elle’s keynote will share how you can choose must, too.

TIME: 1:00-1:15

Presenter: Shannon McClintock Miller

Session Title: Let’s Get Moving, Creating and Inspired Within A Musical Makerspace!

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Makerspaces are all the rage!  Have you thought about creating one that focuses on integrating music, dance, movement, instruments, and singing into a Musical Makerspace?  By using music and song within education, we have the opportunity to enhance creativity, learning, reading, play and so much more.  In this fun, music filled presentation Shannon McClintock Miller will show you how you can bring a Musical Makerspace to your school and library too!

TIME: 1:15-1:40

Presenter: Joy Schultz

Session Title: Full Choice Art Studio Results and Reflections

Session Length: 25 minutes

Session Description: In this session, Joy will disclose how the school year evolved in a full choice student directed studio experience, as well as how students responded, developed, and thought about directing their art program. Session participants will hear from the students as well as review the process and outcomes from a year of results.  Finally, Joy will share how she felt about the choice program and share changes and modifications she would make to the Full Choice Art Studio experience.

TIME: 1:40-1:55

Presenter: Kimberly Olson

Session Title: A Building Block Approach to STEAM: Easy as 1, 2 3D

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Join Donor’s Choose grant recipient and Art Educator Kimberly Olson to learn how children’s blocks and toy building materials can pave the way to exploring new ideas and possibilities through STEAM-based learning experiences.

By turning student perceived “play” into integrated opportunities for problem-solving, innovation, perseverance and collaboration, students will strengthen their own perceptions of dimensional space, stability and spatial awareness including concepts of symmetry and balance while fostering risk-taking, self-expression and individual creativity.

Learn how working from blocks to paper will not only bolster fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but assist students’ visualization skills through varied avenues of differentiation, providing opportunities for growth and expanding perspectives on countless levels. Lessons span the grade levels of Pre School to Second grade, but can be adapted for any grade level.

TIME: 2:05-2:20

Presenter: Todd Whitaker

Session Type: Keynote

Session Title: What Great Teachers Do Differently

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: What are the specific qualities and practices of great teachers that elevate them above the rest? This session reveals what the most effective teachers do differently than their colleagues.  Participants will focus on what the most successful teachers do . . . that others do not. Everyone will leave knowing what great teachers do differently, why these things make them more effective, and learn how to immediately implement each of these into your own classrooms and schools.

TIME: 2:20-2:35

Presenter: Susan Riley

Session Title: Approaching Assessments as an Artisan

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description:

Do you dread the assessment process?  Do you feel a little lost when it comes to using assessments in an integrated lesson?  In this fast-paced session, Susan will lead you through a process for assessment creation and implementation that is simple, effective and allows your creativity to flourish (along with that of your students).  Using tools such as See Saw and Formative, Susan will showcase how you can create assessments that are a natural extension of the learning process and understand how to use all that information you’re collecting!

TIME: 2:35-2:50

Presenter: Wynita Harmon

Session Title: Designing the Ultimate STEAM Lab Experience: Stations, Curriculum Nights & Open House

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Tired of the same projects year after year…being the greeter at your curriculum nights…or just want to change things up for open house!

Well, why not change things up by exposing others to arts integration with STEAM activities by designing your own fun interactive STEAM lab?

In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of designing a STEAM Lab experience that can be used for stations in class, an activity at one of your school’s curriculum nights or even open house!  You will learn about 5 different stations that in its totality include art connections between Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that emphasizes the importance of art integration and STEAM in an unforgettable innovative atmosphere that everyone will be talking about the day after!

This session comes with handouts and direction cards for each station as well as photographs from a STEAM LAB set up, links to various digital apps that will be used and a supply list to check off to make sure you have everything you need for your OWN STEAM LAB!

TIME: 2:50-3:05

Presenter: Trevor Bryan

Session Title: Viewing Illustrations & Artworks to Support Student Writing

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: This presentation will show educators how viewing illustrations & artworks can be used to help students understand different aspects of writing such as structure, elaboration, setting and mood.  Although this presentation is geared towards K-8 English language arts teachers and general education teachers, art teachers who are interested in cross-curricular thinking are sure to get something out of it too as the content of this presentation can also be applied to art making.

TIME: 3:05-3:20

Presenter: Elizabeth Landwerlen

Session Title: Full STEAM Ahead: Funding a STEAM Classroom

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: By using Donors Choose as a resource to fund my STEAM classroom, I was able to purchase robots, owl pellets, boomwhacker and percussion instruments, engineering projects, Math manipulatives, Legos, art materials and more.  These materials are benefiting 150 students this year and will continue to be advantageous to many students for years to come.  During this session see some videos of the projects and lessons the students have completed this year, and the process of getting our project funded from beginning to end.  Thanks to these resources, the students are engaged now more than ever.  STEAM makes project based learning easier to plan because real life learning is taking place.  All of this is possible because of generous donations and partnerships that every classroom teacher can easily tap into to fund their own dream STEAM rooms.  The process is simple and the results can be truly amazing. “Oh the places you’ll go.  Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so.. get on your way!” Let’s get busy and write some grants!

TIME: 3:20-3:35

Presenter: Wendy Guerra and Rachel Wintemberg

Session Title: Animals Gone Wild!

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description:Animals Gone Wild” is an interdisciplinary unit created through a partnership between Wendy Guerra, Middle School Language Arts Bilingual teacher and Rachel Wintemberg, Middle School Arts teacher. In this dynamic partnership the research of informational text for Expository writing comes to an explosive turn where students bring their research to life!

In the art room students worked in teams to create and animate their own imaginary animals and biomes. In the language arts room they wrote stories to go with their artwork, did close reading of informational texts on endangered animals and made comparisons of how real and imaginary animals could adapt to changes in their environment.


Presenter: Trevor Bryan

Session Title: Viewing Illustrations & Artworks to Support Student Writing

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: This presentation will show educators how viewing illustrations & artworks can be used to help students understand different aspects of writing such as structure, elaboration, setting and mood.  Although this presentation is geared towards K-8 English language arts teachers and general education teachers, art teachers who are interested in cross-curricular thinking are sure to get something out of it too as the content of this presentation can also be applied to art making.

Presenter: Exhibits on the Go

Session Title: From Classroom to Community: Creating a Popup Exhibit with Your Students

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Frank and Melissa from Exhibits On The Go share how to take one idea and bring it to life in an interactive exhibit based on their model of Learn, Play Create. This presentation will give you the tools necessary to bring a specific classroom topic into your town for the community to share in the excitement of students learning.  The theme for this project will be bringing a botany or agriculture unit of study into your local farmer’s market.

Presenter: Typhani Harris

Session Title: Coaching Teachers through the Arts Integration Process

Session Length: 25 minutes

Session Description: Wondering how to help teachers embrace change and implement the arts integration process? Join EducationCloset writer and teacher coach Dr. Typhani Harris as she shares:

  • Various strategies for supporting STEAM teachers as they employ STEAM/AI concepts
  • How to chart staff based on their needs for success
  • Design different ways to reach teachers by meeting them where they are and
  • Plan strategies for maximizing time and increasing integrity while decreasing micromanaging and minimizing the perception of top-down demands.

Presenter: Sarah Henderson & Lori Holm

Session Title: Culinary Arts Integration:  Activities Students Really Sink Their Teeth Into

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Join high school English teacher Sarah Henderson and high school culinary arts teacher Lori Holm for a fun and delicious session as we discuss culinary arts integration.  Like all arts integration, this approach involves student research, creativity and execution, but with a little extra engagement and motivation because, well, food! Culinary arts integration is also ideal for cross-curricular applications and public speaking opportunities as students defend their creations to the class in persuasive speeches. Watch as we demonstrate and discuss sample activities that can be easily incorporated into your curriculum.

Presenter: Jason LeClair

Session Title: Artodynamics

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: art-o-dy-nam-ics: ärt ō dīˈnamiks/ (noun):  The forces or properties of learning that stimulate intellectual and cultural growth through the process of expression and application of human creative skill to form a deeper understanding of the human condition.

This is my approach to art education in general. This workshop focusses on utilizing A weebly site as well as Google Classroom to enhance the student’s ability to more fully understand how art affects everything they do in education including the core subjects. This is a workshop session focussed on how approaching visual arts with a wider lens can greatly affect the way your students approach their core subjects. Topics discussed are primarily centered around the importance of creative problem solving, persistence, and research.

Presenter: McDole Elementary 1st Grade Team (Pamela Gianakakos, Kirsten Murray, Tiffany Reuter, Jennifer Steimel, Heather Walsh)

Session Title: Fairy Tale STEAM Fair

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Have you ever wondered how to implement STEAM into your literacy curriculum? In this session, explore ways to incorporate STEAM, project-based learning and fairy tales in a Fairy Tale STEAM Fair. This unit encourages students to think as scientists, engineers, artists, actors and mathematicians. In their chosen fairy tale, students will identify a problem and engineer a solution within collaborative groups or work together to put on a play. For example, students might construct a house to protect the Three Little Pigs from the Big Bad Wolf or design a way for the Three Billy Goats Gruff to get to the other side of the meadow. This creative learning opportunity is an engaging way to incorporate literacy and STEAM into the classroom.

Presenter: Shannon McClintock Miller

Session Title: Igniting Innovation and Creativity in Our Makerspaces With Digital Tools and Apps

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: With Makerspaces popping up in schools, libraries and public spaces, there is also a place for the digital tools and apps that we can use to ignite innovation, model design thinking and create amazing projects and digital stories.  Have you thought about using a stop motion app to have students record the story they wrote for their LEGO or Minecraft world? How about using a digital storytelling tool to share the process of how they created a new invention or recreated a historical event in the Makerspace?  And what about the ability to find resources, project ideas and online communities for our makers?   Shannon McClintock Miller will connect you to several digital tools and apps that enhance, engage and inspire our students as makers and within Makerspaces. 

Presenter: Arlene Shelton

Session Title: Shaping Identity Through STEAM

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: Identity is the set of behavioral or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable as a member of a group. Our identity gives us individuality. This break-out session will focus empowering student voice by incorporating STEAM in a choice based identity project for high school students. Follow along from conceptualization to fruition and see how the 7E model allows for development of  engaging lessons. Final project examples range from a mixed media/3D printed figure to a laser engraved self portrait.

Presenter: Katie Wardrobe

Session Title: DIY Soundtracks For Your Movie, Animation, Storytelling and Podcasting Projects (For Complete Non-Musicians!)

Session Length: 15 minutes

Session Description: If you or your students have ever searched for suitable music to use in your creative multimedia projects, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be to find something appropriate that is copyright-free or Creative Commons licensed. Why not make your own?  During this session, Katie will share a simple step-by-step formula that will allow you to create original theme music for movies, intros and outros for your podcasts, and mood music for storytelling activities. Discover how easy it is to make music for genres includes space, robots, aliens, love story, dramatic action, car chase, news theme, and humour.  No musical experience necessary whatsoever!

All of these sessions are included with your registration, and all are focused on K-12 Arts Integration and STEAM.  The Live Day Sessions are streamed live on July 21st from 10AM-4PM ET.  The Breakout Sessions are available in our password-protected on-demand site for you to view at any time starting July 21.  All sessions and handouts will be housed for a full year in our on-demand site for your convenience.



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