Monica & Tyler



SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Curious about STEAM and the Maker Movement? Join celebrated teaching artists and STEAM pioneers Monica & Tyler Aiello of Eurekus for an exciting live session investigating the power of arts-integrated inquiry. This session addresses the “how” of STEAM with a focus on real-world applications and classroom examples. As award-winning developers, the Aiellos design innovative STEAM and Maker programs for NASA and McREL International. They also work directly with thousands of students and teachers each year at K-12 schools, colleges, libraries, museums and non-profits across the country. During this session, the Aiellos share what they’ve learned about the practice of STEAM and the changing educational landscape. They discuss creating meaningful student experiences with a focus on “practical” application and implementation strategies. With helpful tips, concrete examples, programming ideas and student work, participants get valuable insight to take STEAM practice back to their classrooms. This session is great for formal and informal educators interested in how STEAM and Maker experiences can engage learners of all ages. Science inspires art and art excites meaningful STEM learning!

BREAKOUT SESSION: NASA’S Art and the Cosmic Connection

SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Have a blast during this hands-on training for NASA’s innovative STEAM program, Art & the Cosmic Connection. Join teaching artists and program designers Monica & Tyler Aiello while discovering how visual art can illuminate planetary science investigation. Developed by the Aiellos and McREL International for NASA’s Discovery & New Frontiers Programs, Art and The Cosmic Connection is a robust learning package. Empower students of all ages to explore the mysterious worlds of our solar system through the lens of visual art! Become an “artist explorer” and learn how the Elements of Art – line, shape, color, value, texture – help us “read” the geologic stories on planets and moons. Discover how visual art enhances science investigation through art projects designed to hone observational and critical thinking skills. This session includes a mini PD on the curriculum, art activity, implementation strategies, project extensions and many classroom examples. The Aiellos also guide participants through the FREE teaching resources available on the NASA website. Get all the tools you need to take this popular program back to your own creative communities! For All Ages.

PRESENTER BIOS: Award-winning teaching artists Monica & Tyler Aiello are recognized for innovative initiatives uniting the arts, sciences and communities. For over a decade, the couple has pioneered STEAM programs – transforming STEM learning through the lens of art and culture – before the movement was even recognized. The Aiello’s organization Eurekus is a result of long-time collaborations with artists, scientists, engineers and educators striving to galvanize learning in new ways. As consultants for NASA and McREL International, the Aiellos design dynamic curriculum and programs to transform STEM inquiry through the arts and Maker education. The Aiellos also work directly with thousands of students and teachers each year at K-12 schools, colleges, museums, libraries and non-profit organizations nation-wide. From classroom integration and out-of-school enrichment, to college courses and professional development, the Aiellos work to foster meaningful, life-long learning through creative and community-based experiences. Eurekus programs have been celebrated in professional and popular media and the Aiellos were honored at the White House in 2015 as a US2020 STEM Mentoring Awards Finalist.