SESSION TITLE: Using Literature to Create Music

SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Looking for a way to make literature come alive in your classroom? In this session, attendees will be shown a variety of ways to extract text from the story to create a musical composition. The students’ newly created work can then be used as a musical accompaniment to a re-read of the story. And with the addition of props and costume design, the students will have the know-how to create their very own theatre production. What better way to become completely immersed in a story.

SESSION TITLE: Musical Mathematics

SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Using language and math, classroom teachers will be introduce to an easy, but meaningful way to present basic beats and rests to their students. The students can then use their new skills to create their own patterns, as well as transforming those patterns into a repeat loops (ostinatos). As an extension, this engaging activity can be used to introduce basic rhythms (quarter, eighth, sixteenth) through the use of fractions and syllabication. This lesson can easily be adapted to any grade level (K-5). Best of all, you will need minimal resources! The National Arts Standards support the need for kids to know basic music skills, and what better way to do that then through the integration of music, math, and language.

PRESENTER BIO:Mary holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Flute Performance), as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, Long Beach. She started her career in 1991 as an elementary, general education teacher in Downey Unified School District, in Downey Calif. In 2015, Mary became a member of the DUSD’s STEAM 15 Team, where she currently serves as a Project Lead the Way Launch Lead Teacher and TEAL Coach. This, together with her certification as an Orff-Schulwerk Music Specialist, Mary is able to offer a unique perspective on the integration of the Arts. DUSD STEAM Team Website: