SESSION TITLE: Innovate, Instruct and Inspire through Seesaw!


SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Use the Seesaw app to create a learning journal. Encourage innovation, creative problem solving and teamwork in your classroom! Enable your students to document their learning, critique, reflect and revise through pictures, writing, videos and drawing. This is a great tool to use with STEAM activities and Project Based Learning! Engage students, parents, teachers and other professionals in the learning process by inviting them to view and comment on posted work. Display work from the site using QR codes! This app is free and easy to use and has a library of resources and tips for use.

PRESENTER BIO: I have proudly spent a quarter of a century in the classroom teaching Visual Art in the Mentor School District. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in art education from The University of Akron and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Kent State University. But I am a life-long learner and continue to look for coursework and professional development that will enrich my instructional delivery and student learning in my classroom. I believe that education in the visual arts allows students to develop creativity, learn to value and express their views of the world and respect those of others. Visual arts are able to connect with other content areas (STEAM), enrich students’ understanding of other cultures and promoting critical thinking. These skills are taught through differentiated learning including the use of technology. And they will prepare students to contribute to our society as competent communicators and problem solvers.