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KEYNOTE TITLE: Mixing Paint, Pixels & Possibilities: A Tra-digital Approach to Arts Education

SESSION TIME: 15 minutes

SESSION DESCRIPTION: A redefinition of creativity is required for the contemporary student in the context of an unpredictable future, a world of fast-paced development and complex problems. As art teachers we understand that Visual Arts offer valuable opportunities for students to engage with different ways of constructing knowledge as they explore multiple perspectives, learn to rely on their imagination, leverage divergent thinking, harness interpretive abilities, etc. It makes sense that a future-driven education must promote strong links between technology and the ability to create…but how to we protect and expand upon the hands-on, tactile and messy making experiences of our studio spaces while we respond to these ideas? And should we all go ‘full STEAM ahead’?

Let’s have some fun exploring meaningful tra-digital approaches to arts education. Let’s talk about a vision for our subject, our own practice, and most importantly, our students’ future. And let’s make some mess!


PRESENTER BIO: Cathy is an award-winning educational consultant, presenter, author and experienced Visual Art teacher working with a 1:1 iPad classroom for diverse students in years 6-12 at The St Hilda’s School. With a passion for using art as a vehicle for engaging with creative processes, improving visual literacy and divergent thinking skills, Cathy is always super keen (!) to share her knowledge and experience in transformational learning using play, experimentation, mess and experiential learning.

She has connected her classroom with hundreds of thousands of people and her freely available resources have been used by countless teachers and students across continents. Through her bestselling books, dynamic presentations and workshops across the globe for schools, and work for prominent cultural organisations and galleries including the National Gallery of Australia,

Cathy models and promotes learning across subject areas that leverages ‘hands-on making’ with 21st Century skills and tools. Cathy is probably best known for her work on, a home base for educators to engage with innovative ideas, resources and technology for learning in that combines paint and pixels. Her site has grown to become a ‘go-to’ resource for teachers leveraging mobile devices for mixing paint and pixels. Cathy is a well-known advocate for the arts in education, and the integration of technology in opportunities for students to learn through making. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator, the 2016 ISTE Innovation in Mobile Learning Award recipient, a 21st Century Teacher of the Year finalist, and consults extensively across policy and practice though State and National art and education associations and institutions.

Connect with Cathy on FB or twitter @art_cathyhunt, and her extensive resources for educators can be found at

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