Hi there [First Name],

Woohoo – you’ve gotten through the first 2 hours and we’re just getting started.  It’s time to stretch, take a break and let these incredible ideas sink in a little bit.

For the next 30 minutes, we’re taking a “lunch break” during the conference.  For some of you this is a breakfast break, depending on your time zone. 🙂

YOU can choose whether you’d like to get some new feedback ideas with Jamie Hipp (she’s going live right now) or to just take these next 30 minutes for yourself.

If you’re planning to grab a bite to eat and step away for a little bit, we’ll see you back in the conference area at 12:30PM ET for our next set of sessions and our KEYNOTE with principal extraordinare Gerry Brooks at 2PM.  Don’t be late – he has so much share!

But if you’ve decided to create during these 30 minutes…


From 12:00-12:30PM ET, Jamie will be sharing how to use the arts to help guide feedback in any content area.


It’s giveaway time!  Each of our giveaways is selected at random using Random Name Picker.

All-in-One Arts Integration Kits (we’ll send you a separate email):

Congratulations to:

  • Christine Helm
  • Karen Brayton
  • Cara Davies
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Tanya Howard
  • Elizabeth Goff
  • Diane Patterson
  • Becky Core
  • Lisa Becker
  • Sarah Gazo
  • Caitlin Thomas
  • Meghan Durden

Enjoy each of these kits!  And stay tuned…we’ll be announcing our winners of the Makerspace grants and iPad Pro this afternoon.

Whatever you choose for the next 30 minutes, enjoy this bit of time.  We’ll see you back at the main site at 12:30PM ET.  Be on the lookout for our final end-of-day email around 4PM ET with important information.

Have FUN,

Susan and the EdCloset Team

PS – If you want to take lunch but don’t want to miss the session, it’s okay.  We’ve recorded it and it will be in the On-Demand site so you can always come back and watch it later.


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